Glorious things are spoken of thee,
Thou city of God, thou home of the free;
Fair as the morning, clear as the sun,
Great army with banners, conquering one.

Zion of God, thou home of the free,
Washed in the blood, I’m dwelling in thee;
Glorious home, oh, gather us there,
Church of the Firstborn, thou art so fair.

Glorious things I cannot declare
Are found in thy courts so wondrously fair;
Those who remain within thee shall rest,
O Zion of God, thou home of the blest.

Glorious things shine forth in thy light,
Thou city so fair, no sorrow can blight;
Blessings so rich, unnumbered, untold,
More precious are they than diamonds and gold.

Glorious things divinely complete
Within thee are found-thy love is replete;
Down through the ages, spotless and pure,
Thy God hath preserved thee, thou art secure.

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