No sigh nor a tear since my Jesus is here,
In His presence securely I dwell;
I hear His sweet voice, and it makes me rejoice,
I know that for me all is well.

‘Tis well with my soul since the Lord made me whole,
And His smiles all my sorrows dispel;
On His bosom I rest, in His love I am blest;
I know that for me all is well.

I sit at His feet, and my joy is complete,
He gives me this message to tell:
Oh, lean on His arm, He will save from all harm,
And fit you in heaven to dwell.

Oh, yield to Him now, and in lowliness bow,
And drink from this life-giving well;
The taste is so sweet, and the joy so complete,
Its pleasure we never can tell.

And when by and by He descends from on high,
He will take us to heaven to dwell;
We’ll sing this glad song as we journey along,
I know that for me all is well.


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