Florida Congress Prays To Satan, Buddha, Allah, Thor, Krishna, Others (Video)

Christians in Florida's Congress leave as prayer is said to satan, Buddha, Allah
Christians in Florida’s Congress leave as prayer is said to satan, Buddha, Allah

A video has emerged of members of Florida Congress praying to satan, Buddha, Allah, god of the Earth, thor, krishna etc., during a house session. Christians in the house left the room before the prayers were made.

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Nigeria Aviation Minister shared the video on his twitter.

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Listen to this ‘prayer’ at the opening of the Democratic State of Florida’s Congress! He ‘prays’ to satan, Buddha, Allah, god of the Earth, krishna etc. The Christians left the room before he started. This is the new American Government!

Faith Is More Powerful Than Government And Nothing Is More Powerful Than God – Trump

This is not the first time such news is coming out of Florida. Recall that in 2016, a Florida member of the Satanic Temple caused a stir at a Pensacola-area city council meeting last week after he began to recite a satanic prayer in front of the audience, Palm Beach reported.

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David Suhor, co-founder of the local chapter of the Satanic Temple, approached the podium during the meeting on Thursday night when one of his church members began to recite a satanic prayer, WEAR reports. The prayer prompted people inside the meeting to counter with the Lord’s Prayer until council president Charles Bare asked for the crowd to quiet down.

“If you deviate away from what I feel is proper invocation speech, I will have you removed from the chamber,” Bare ordered, according to WEAR. “I would rather be in a room than let darkness sit here by itself,” one man in the audience said.

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The Temple member finished his speech with one councilmember leaving the room, WEAR added. Multiple people went to the podium after the satanic prayer ended to voice their disapproval with the city council’s decision to let him finish his prayer.

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