Are Christians being persecuted?  Some say that with gay rights changing and people becoming less tolerant of other points of view, Christians are being pushed to the side in America.  Could we one day be reaching the days when Christians are no longer respected in America?  The Jewish leader in the video below says “yes.”

Here is some of what he had to say:

I saw Christians being put in jail.  I asked the Lord why.  The Lord began to say, “Well, there had been a law passed throughout the world that would cause all peoples to worship one God.”  He said, “They’re going to proclaim the fact that Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus, all the same God, different cultures, and seeing God in just a different way. Same God.”   I know and you know that’s not going to work for you and I.  Right?  It was all a matter of where a person was born as to his belief.  Christians I saw going to jail refused to accept the law of this world.  The Lord said to tell the people this day will arrive, and it will be in our generation that you’ll see this.  He said, again, again he said, “Come away.”  In your prayer clause it’s seeking for the days which lie ahead.

I know back, I’m going to say fifteen years ago, somebody brought me some papers that they had gotten ahold of that they had held a One World Church Organization in Chicago, Illinois.  Everybody, every denomination, showed up.  The witchcraft people showed up.  Everybody was there.  They all said amen to the fact, “Well, it’s the same God that we’re serving.”  They hugged each others neck and they went out the door.  I said that was the birthing and the beginning of what will become the One World Church.

Now think about this because I don’t have …  Again, this is a Thomas one one.  I don’t have any evidence vision-wise about this, but because of the way that the Muslims are and the way that they believe that us, as being called infidels, that they must cleanse the earth of us, it makes more sense that this One World Church system is being pressured or pushed to say, “Well now, if we get this done, they’ll have to accept that and then all this killing, all this radical stuff, will end.”  I believe that’s going to put a great push towards this thing.  We’re coming to that.  We’re coming to that, and Bless God you need to again

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