Faith is believing, the promise is true,
Trusting in Jesus your strength to renew;
Resting so sweetly, secure on His word,
Shielded from danger with Jesus the Lord.

Faith is believing, simply receiving
What in His promise God has revealed;
Trust Him forever, doubt Him, no, never,
Till thy petition His Spirit hath sealed.

Faith is believing, why longer remain
Under the bondage of Satan’s domain?
See, though all blood-stained, the banner unfurled-
Faith is the victory that conquers the world.

Faith is believing, the soul’s happy rest,
Faith is believing, though sorely oppressed;
Singing in triumph whatever assail,
High on the mountains or low in the vale.

Faith is believing, then doubt Him no more,
Sell all your sorrows, your troubles give o’er;
Soar in the sunlight above every cloud,
Triumph forever, believing in God.


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