When the evening is coming,
And the dark clouds appear,
I am happy in knowing
My Redeemer is near;
He hath blest me with keeping,
‘Mid the toils of the day;
He will watch me while sleeping,
He will not go away.

When the morning has come,
When the morning has come;
We will meet Him in glory,
When the morning has come.

When the evening is coming,
And the sunlight grows dim,
How my heart in devotion
Loves to cling unto Him!
He hath blest me with pardon,
He hath cleansed me, I know,
He will keep me while trusting
From the dark, cruel foe.

When the evening is coming,
And I look o’er the past,
What assurance increasing-
I have triumphed at last!
Not an evil foreboding,
Not a doubt in my soul,
Not a sin that’s corroding-
I am whole, I am whole.

When our life’s evening endeth
In one bright, lasting day,
When our Savior descendeth
In His royal array,
We’ll be caught up to meet Him
In the air, we are told,
To abide with Him ever
In that city of gold.


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