Easter Among Highest Church Attendance: Survey Shows


Easter Sunday is one of the highest attended Sundays for the vast majority of churches, especially in the United States, a newly released report has revealed.

The report, released Tuesday by Lifeway Research, found that 90% of surveyed Protestant pastors listed Easter as either the most attended Sunday, or the second or third most attended Sunday.

Broken down, 52% of pastors said that Easter was their highest attended Sunday worship, while 30% ranked it as the second most attended, and 8% ranked it as the third most.

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By comparison, 81% of pastors surveyed said Christmas was their highest, second highest, or third highest attended worship, and 51% identified Mother’s Day in the same manner.

The data for the report came from a phone survey of 1,004 Protestant pastors conducted Aug. 29 – Sept. 20, 2023, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points at a 95% confidence level.

“While many churches consider high attendance as something from their pre-pandemic past, seasonal changes have resumed,” said Lifeway Research Executive Director Scott McConnell, as quoted in the report.

“Church attendance is predictable again with periods of consistency in the fall and early spring, as well as holiday crowds at Christmas and Easter.”

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These percentages do represent a slight decline compared to 2011, when 93% said Easter was one of their highest attended worship days, 84% said Christmas, and 59% said Mother’s Day.

Additionally, 18% of pastors ranked Sundays in which a church celebrates a homecoming or an anniversary of its founding as being the most, second most, or third most attended worship day, according to The Christian Post.

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