Long lone years I lived in sin,
Wretched slave I was within;
Goshen was my dwelling place,
Dark and deep was my disgrace.
But now I’m

Dwelling in the land,
Fed from Father’s hand,
Trusting, simply trusting every day;
Living in the light,
Blest with beauty bright,
Walking with my Savior all the way.

I will sing unto the Lord:
By the power of His word
Pharoah’s hosts are in the sea,
Parted by His pow’r for me.
And now I’m

Wand’ring through the wilderness,
Oft I stumbled in distress;
Yet by cloud and fiery flame,
Led o’er shimm’ring sands I came.
And now I’m

I to Jordan’s banks was brought,
Saw the shore I longing sought:
God in answer to my plea,
Second parting made for me.
So now I’m

Jericho and giants fell,
Death to all that would rebel;
In this land I’ll ever dwell,
And my God’s great goodness tell.
Praise God, I’m


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