Blessed Savior, draw me nearer,
As I walk the narrow way;
When my soul is sorely tempted,
Thou wilt all my fears allay.

Blessed Jesus, wilt Thou keep me
Near Thy side, Thy bleeding side;
Draw me nearer, loving Savior,
Let me in Thy love abide.

By Thy help I’ll trust Thee ever,
Though the shadows gather round;
Thou my light, and my salvation,
Let Thy grace in me abound.

I will walk by faith in Jesus,
On this high and holy way;
Onward will I press and upward,
Drawing nearer every day.

When I’m passing through the furnace,
I draw near, my Lord, to Thee;
As I hear Thee gently whisper,
‘Closer come, My child, to Me.


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