Days and moments quickly flying
blend the living with the dead;
soon our bodies will be lying
each within its narrow bed.

Soon our souls to God who gave them
will have sped their rapid flight:
able now by grace to save them,
O that, while we can, we might!

Jesus, infinite Redeemer,
Maker of this mighty frame,
teach, O teach us to remember
what we are, and whence we came.

Whence we came and whiter wending,
so that by thy mercy we
may at last, in life unending
find our perfect rest with thee.

Jesus, merciful Redeemer,
rouse dead souls to hear thy voice;
wake, O wake each idle dreamer
now to make the eternal choice.

Soon before the Judge all glorious
we with all the dead shall stand:
Savior, over death victorious,
place us then on thy right hand.

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