“Corona is Satanic and cannot survive in the body of Christ, it will burn.” – Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli
Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has shocked the world after announcing that the country will not shut down places of worship over the Coronavirus pandemic because that is where true healing is found.

Just before announcing six more confirmed cases of the virus to take the country’s total to 12 on Sunday, Magufuli was in church where he likened the pandemic to Satan, needing divine intervention to be quelled.

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Magufuli called upon Tanzanian citizens not to be afraid of praising and seeking God’s face in places of worship.

On Sunday, Magufuli told a congregation in Tanzania that the COVID-19 virus is Satanic and cannot survive in the body of Christ.

Tanzania should take precautions but the government hasn’t prohibited prayers in mosques and churches because that’s where “there is true salvation,” Magufuli said in Swahili during a church service in the capital, Dodoma.

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‘Tusiogope kwenda kumtukuza Mungu. Sisi kama serikali hatukufunga ibada, misikitini wala makanisani kwa sababu tunajua huku kanisani na misikitini ndipo kwenye uponyaji wa kweli. Corona ambaye ni shetani hawezi akakaa kwenye mwili wa Yesu. Atakaua ameungua huko mbali (We didn’t shut down churches and mosques because that is where there is real healing. Corona cannot survive in the body of Christ, it will burn),” he said to deafening cheers from the congregation.

“That is exactly why I did not panic while taking the Holy Communion,” he added.

The president however, has come under heavy criticism for his advice to the citizens, encouraging them to gather in worship places.

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Oppostion politician Zitto Kabwe criticized Magufuli’s comments and urged him to close mosques and churches to add to measures to fight the outbreak. “Let’s not argue with science,” Kabwe said in Swahili on his Twitter account. “Coronavirus is very bad.”

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On Saturday, Lazaro Nyalandu, a member of the central committee of the main opposition party Chadema called on the government to ban all public gatherings and close the country’s borders.

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  1. Peace which denotes not just the absence of conflict but safety, wholeness, completeness and well being in all relationships of life, is no where to be found in most countries in the world especially the developing countries . In such countries everyone is living under fright. Peace is God’s blessing for his people and comes from him. According to the Universal Declaration on Human Right and Freedom by the United Nations ‘Everyone is born equal’ .God created man in his own image Genesis 1:26-27 (his knowledge, wisdom, righteousness and holiness) irrespective of sex, color, language or ethnic background.This equality is talking about the image of God. Inasmuch as we bear his image , God wants us to rule creation (our fellow human beings ) wisely(showing love to one another) on his behalf. On this basis, God rules out murder which is the deliberate killing of another person, discrimination and hatred . God wants us to love one another rather than hating one another. The lack of love and understanding amongst humanity has led to conflict everywhere in the world ranging from families, communities and nations. Nations spend much money either in manufacturing or purchasing arms only to kill fellow human beings. Every human being must do everything possible to fight against the hatred of fellow human beings evident in social, political, economic and environmental areas. Nobody decides the continent, nation or ethnic group to be born into. Every human being has the same blood though medically different blood groups but physically human blood is the same. Because of money, power, and fame, human beings are killing their fellow human beings. Human beings are created by God but money is made by human hands . Nations take years to build cities but because of money, power , fame , differences in color or ethnic backgrounds, these cities are being destroyed in a twinkle of an eye. Where is the world going to? Innocent souls’ blood are crying from the ground like that of Abel (Gen.4:10. What legacy is the world of today leaving for the next generation to come? Nations instead of preaching love and peace as standards of life on the celebration of their independence, they instead focus on showcasing war weapons.Nations spend much money either to manufacture or purchase war weapons to kill fellow human beings. This signifies that they are prepared for war, to kill fellow human beings. We should all remember that there is a supreme God and heaven and also there is Satan and hell.
    Death awaits everyone. Everyone should have this question in mind’ when I will die , where will I go to? Shall I sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the feast in Heaven or shall I meet the rich man in hell fire? Luke 16:19-31. Life is all about sowing and reaping. We should not be like a farmer who harvest good fruits but in turn plants bad seeds for tomorrow .
    We live as if we are never going to die, and yet we die as if we never lived. When death comes, nobody can resist it because of his/her status , possessions.
    Despite the differences in color, sex, language and ethnic backgrounds, we need to love one another and share with one another what we have.
    Everyone must learn to obey the Golden Rule ‘Matthew 7: 12 ‘Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you’. Love your neighbor as yourself( Lev.19:18, 1 Cor.13;13.Who is your neighbor? Our fellow human beings irrespective of color, language, sex or ethnic origin.
    God allows anything to happen for a purpose.The world has been so busy with people moving from one place, country to another.
    God has allowed the Corona Virus for a purpose. God wants to humble the entire world. God is a supreme God and he is the creator of everything. God expects every human being to love him.
    The world had been too busy with people moving from one place( community, country and continent) to another. God has given mankind freedom to do whatever he/she wishes, to go anywhere he/she wishes but it is not everything we do or everywhere we go that is good. Before this pandemic,people have been living as if everything is by their own power. People as individuals, nations have been so proud and boastful of themselves as if what they are is by their own power. People have been traveling from one country to the other making money and living luxuriously and forgetting about God their creator.The world had focused much on entertainment and fame in every form and God was no longer given the honour. For example we could see tens of thousands of people every day in stadia all over the world watching games just to entertain themselves.
    The question is HOW MANY OF THESE PEOPLE DO RECOGNIZE GOD AS THEIR CREATOR OR GO TO CHURCHES TO WORSHIP HIM ? Even the players themselves made much money and they believed so much in their strength and money thinking that it is by their own power.
    There had never been a time in the world like this where people cannot move freely from one country to the other, enjoy money that they have worked for. Every nation/ individuals are living in fear.
    Homosexuality, sexual immorality,occultism, idol worship, discrimination and all sorts of sinful nature had taken over the world. The truth is that God wants to humble the entire world and will separate the wheat from the chaffs.
    The only way out is the fulfillment of 2Chronicles 7:14-15. Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. By my name goes back to Genesis 1:26 –we are all created in God’s image.
    It is time for the entire world to turn back to God and recognize him as the supreme God by turning away from wickedness and worship him in spirit and truth and he will inturn restore lives and nations.

    • Amen! God is the supreme and every men, women and children must fear and worship Him. Our money will not buy heaven.

  2. amen amen..we serve a Mighty God ….awesome in Wonder and Mercy ….a God of Justice….praise His Holy Name….Yeshua…..soon coming KIng…our God is an awesome God He reigns….HE reigns…forever and forever

  3. If the whole president of the country could stand-up and declare as he just did before the whole world, I would like to be the first to commend him and declare as follows: in the name of Jesus Christ, this president shall live longer and by next year this time(08-march-2021) the economy of Tanzania will have Flourished beyond all expectations and the nation of Tanzania will experience the blessings of God in all areas: Economy, Health and Wealth will be the order of the day and Thievery, Crime and corruption will be exposed as the grace of the lord and his mercy from the throne of God have started covering that nation. (I prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ)

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