Come, sing, my soul, and praise the Lord,
Who hath redeemed thee by His blood,
Delivered thee from chains that bound,
And bro’t thee to redemption ground.

Redemption ground, the ground of peace!
Redemption ground, O wondrous grace!
Here let our praise to God abound,
Who saves us on redemption ground!

Once from my God I wandered far
And with His holy will made war;
But now my songs to God abound:
I’m standing on redemption ground.

O joyous hour when God to me
A vision gave of Calvary;
My bonds were loosed, my soul unbound,
I sang upon redemption ground.

No works of merit now I plead,
But Jesus take for all my need;
No righteousness in me is found,
Except upon redemption ground.

Come, weary soul, and here find rest;
Accept redemption, and be blest;
The Christ who died, by God is crowned
To pardon on redemption ground.

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