Listen, sinner, to the voice
Of thy reason’s noble choice,
For thy better judgment calls thee to repent;
Reason tells thee there’s a God,
Bids thee tremble at His word,
And invites thee to the Savior He has sent.

Come and be saved, come and be saved,
Take the cross and you shall wear a starry crown.

There’s conviction in thy heart
That from sin you should depart,
Oh, that monitor in mercy do obey;
‘Tis a canker in thy breast
That will never let thee rest,
If you do not turn from sin’s destructive way.

Jesus came, the Son of God,
Shed for you His precious blood,
Oh, behold Him dying on the cursed tree!
Can you slight His love so true,
Holding out a crown for you?
Hasten, sinner, Christ is calling loud for thee.

Jesus comes in melting love,
Drawing you to joys above,
Gently knocking for admittance in thy soul;
Harken to His voice within,
Warning thee to flee from sin,
To the kingdom of the Savior’s sweet control.

Heaven wills to thee a crown,
Hell is moved to cast thee down,
And this moment may decide thy endless state;
Father, Son, and Spirit call,
Reason, conscience, thunder all,
Sinner, wake and turn to God before too late.


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