Christian Village in Mali ‘Virtually Wiped Out’ As Radical Jihadists Massacre Over 100


“No-one was spared – women, children, elderly people. Anyone who tried to escape was killed.”

The West African nation of Mali experienced a horrific blood bath this month as over 100 Christians were massacred by radical Islamic jihadists.

BBC reports that on June 9, armed Fulani Muslim militants invaded a predominately Christian village in Sobame Da, and killed men, women, and children.

Officials say they found at least 95 bodies. The attackers also killed animals and set fire to houses. The search for bodies was still ongoing with 19 people from the village still missing.

According to witnesses, 50 of the nomadic pastoralists, who have been a significantly radicalized segment of the Muslim population in West Africa, surrounded the village in trucks and razed it to the ground, killing men, women, and children.

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“Anyone who tried to escape was killed,” a witness named Amadou Togo told AFP.

“No-one was spared – women, children, elderly people,” he added.

The Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors reported last week that every person who died was a Christian.

A security source at the scene told AFP that the village “had been virtually wiped out.”

Another source at the village said, “A Dogon village has been virtually wiped out.”

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The attack came after years of tension between the Dogon people who live in central Mali, and the Fulani, who are semi-nomadic herders and largely militant Muslim. In three years, the number of attacks has grown by four times, causing the International Crisis Group to urge the government to initiate discussions for peace.

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    But except they stop rearing cows. As long as they still keep cows, their destruction will start with mad cow plague, which will infect them and spread into an epidemic. Even a pandemic.

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