Sudanese authorities have arrested numerous Christian pastors in the past couple of years.
the American Center for Law and Justice is warning as it launches a global petition asking the world to help save two Christian pastors facing a possible death penalty in Sudan.
Time is running out for the Rev. Hassan Abdur Raheem and Rev. Kuwa Shamal who have been arrested, transferred, and re-arrested on multiple occasions this past year in the Islamic-majority country of Sudan, with government officials accusing them of national security crimes.

ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow is arguing, however, that the imprisonment and the threat of a death penalty punishment are directly linked to the pastors’ Christian faith, and has warned that if other believers don’t speak up, the government of Sudan will send them to their deaths.

“They could be sentenced to hang for their faith if the world is silent,” Sekulow wrote in an email, linking to the petition. The petition warns that there is a “deadly crackdown” on Christians in Sudan.

The petition also notes that Abduraheem and Shamal have spent 12 months in very poor conditions, with their situation unlikely to improve unless others speak out.

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