Christian Loses Hand In Beating For Converting From Islam

Kofi Loses his Hand In Beating For Converting From Islam to Christianity
Kofi Loses his Hand In Beating For Converting From Islam to Christianity

When the young Ethiopian man came to faith his community turned against him, but he remains committed to following Christ. Kofi grew up as a Muslim, but when an evangelist introduced him to Christ, he was instantly drawn to the saving grace of God and became a Christian.

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As Kofi grew in his faith, he began sharing it with others, which angered local mosque leaders. They brought him before the local Islamic court, where Kofi told them he could never give up his new faith. The leaders decided to set a trap for him, sending a mob out to the farmland of Kofi’s brother, claiming a property line dispute.

When Kofi appeared, the crowd shouted, “This is the enemy of Allah!” and began to beat him. His left hand was so badly injured that doctors had to amputate it. Pray for Kofi, who told Christians who visited him, “I am happy not only to give my hand for Jesus, but I am ready to give my life for faith in Jesus Christ.” Pray for continued recovery, provision and witness in the area.

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  • Pray for healing for Kofi, protect him from those who want to silence him, may he continually share his faith, place a hedge of protection around him and bless him Amen.
  • Pray that the men who damaged and destroyed Kofi’s hand would be brought to justice and Kofi will forgive them.
  • Pray the Lord will use this testimony mightily to bring many to Christ.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs

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  1. Could you please put my story from Canada? I know it’s hard to believe but it is true. I had been forced to give my two daughters in foster care because I brought them to church against social workers’ opinions. Christian faith is allowed in Canada but it has to be under the rules and regulations. But those regulations are not always acceptable as Christian. And the punishment is taking children away from their mother. Also the vaccination and psychiatric drugs are forced on children in care. Could you please help me this story out? Thank you for your work.

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