Christian author and humanitarian, Johnnie Moore recently labeled the Obama administration and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “Christophobic” for their records on protecting religious liberty at home and abroad.

Moore told NewsMax earlier this week that President Obama and Clinton have failed Christians, especially those experiencing violent persecution in the Middle East.

“The United States of America has a moral obligation to speak up, and we’re not doing it, and it starts at the top,” stated Moore.

In an interview with The Christian Post, where he serves as editorial advisor, Moore explained that his calling Obama and Clinton “Christophobic” is “an observation based upon facts.”

“They have repeatedly — and willfully — embraced Christophobic policies around the world that have enabled the further persecution, suffering or marginalization of Christian minorities when they could have made different decisions,” said Moore.

“They’ve repeatedly tried to downplay, diminish, and dilute the significant and escalating persecution of Christians around the world. They’ve also sometimes characterized those who speak up for Christian rights as Islamophobic when often times those advocating for Christians are also deeply immersed in refugee-related humanitarian work on behalf of the Islamic community as well.”

Moore added in his comments to CP that he was also concerned “by the ongoing judicial and legislative efforts to marginalize Christians in this country.”

“Rather than seeing the Christian community as having made meaningful contributions to history and culture, education, healthcare, and human rights the community is increasingly marginalized,” continued Moore.

“There’s no comparison between what is happening to Christians in Nigeria and Syria to what is happening here, except that anti-Christian sentiment — to some degree — undergirds it all.”

 Moore garnered headlines last December when he and conservative social commentator Glenn Beck successfully evacuated 149 Iraqi Christians from Islamic State-controlled territory to the nation of Slovakia.

“While the world watched in near total silence, their ancient churches and monasteries were destroyed, their children were sold on slave markets, their property was confiscated, and those who survived have faced extortion and continued threats of kidnapping and beheading,” said Beck.

“I am so grateful to the 130,000 individuals whose generous contributions made this journey possible, and I’m sure, if they could, the refugees would thank them, too.”

When asked by CP if he thought the Obama administration could cease being “Christophobic,” Moore responded that he felt it was “probably too late.”

“I wish he would have worked hard to bring everyone together as he promised to do eight years ago. A lot of people had hope in him,” Moore said.

“All presidents have mixed legacies, his administration’s legacy will include one of the greatest escalations in Christian persecution in history. That’s just a fact — a very sad fact.”

Moore did note that Obama could offer support for House Resolution 5961, a bipartisan measure introduced earlier this month that calls for relief efforts to help victims of war crimes and genocide in Iraq and Syria.

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