China Orders Teachers To Promote Atheism, Establish Marxist Religious View


Chinese Communist Party officials have ordered primary school teachers to sign a form requiring them to teach a Marxist religious view, strengthen atheism education, and actively promote socialism, according to a persecution watchdog group.

China Aid, a U.S.-based nonprofit that monitors religious persecution in China, reports that CCP officials recently distributed a “Teacher’s Promise to Not Believe in Any Faith” form to Longwan District School in Wenzhou in China’s Zhejiang province.

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The form, which requires each teacher’s signature, includes directives under four “publicly announced commitments.” Teachers are required to: Firmly establish a Marxist religious view; strengthen atheism education, and refrain from believing in any religion or participating in any religious activities.

Teachers are also forbidden from teaching about religion, disseminating religious information, or engaging in such activities. But they are required to actively promote socialism and new civilization.

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International Christian Concern reports that teachers who are CCP members were required to receive and sign three copies of the “Communist Party Member’s Promise to Not Believe in Any Faith.” One copy was for self-retention, and two copies to be handed in after the meeting. The filling date of all the forms was pre-filled as Nov. 30.

Schools in China are government-controlled and financed and therefore communist in ideology.

China ranks 23th on persecution watchdog Open Door’s list of top 50 countries where it is most deadly to be a christian.

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