California ‘Stadium Revival’ Draws Over 1,000 Souls Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

California stadium revival
California stadium revival

As California continues to be hit hard by COVID-19, spiritual hunger is increasing too. Shane Idleman, pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, 60 miles north of Los Angeles, points to that hunger as the reason his church’s Stadium Revival has taken off.

More than 1,000 worshipers—including many without a connection to Westside—attended Saturday evening’s gathering at a local stadium. Outdoor worship complete with a prayer tent will continue there throughout September, “God willing,” says Idleman

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Although the event was primarily for our local body as a way to come together, word quickly spread, and over 1,000 people showed up. We are not taking an offering, collecting names for a database, or trying to elevate our church; it’s simply a time to elevate Christ. It was an incredible event that will run through September 2020 (God willing). We witnessed salvations, recommitments, and powerful personal testimonies under the prayer tent. It showed how spiritually hungry people are to be encouraged and uplifted and even convicted.

The initial response, he says, “showed how spiritually hungry people are to be encouraged and uplifted and even convicted.”

In his July 25 message at the stadium, Idleman acknowledges the hardships people are facing. He then reminds attendees they’re facing a “spiritual battle” and that God Almighty can’t be stopped or restrained.

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Today’s church needs “spiritual power more than ever, not entertainment,” Idleman says, adding that “repentance is the true mark of genuine revival.” Quoting Duncan Campbell’s book The Price and Power of Revival, Idleman maintains that today’s church can “equal the church at Pentecost.”

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