There’s a voice full of sweetness and love,
It is speaking so kindly to me:
‘I will lead you to bright realms above,
Where the spirit forever is free.’

I am waiting, I am longing for the summons to come,
When from sorrow and trouble I’m free;
When with Jesus I am reigning in that heavenly home,
Where forever its beauties I’ll see.

When I look o’er the past, I behold
How His wide arms of mercy held me;
Oh, His sweet love and peace are untold,
In His favor I’m happy and free.

There’s a sweet voice that calls o’er and o’er,
It is cheering my spirit today;
Since my treasure is on yonder shore,
I must gain it and live there for aye.

I forget all the things that are past,
I am looking to glories divine;
I shall reap my reward at the last,
For my Jesus, dear Savior, is mine.


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