Brazil’s President Publicly Declares His Faith in Jesus Christ, Says ‘Brazil Belongs to God’

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro publicly declared his faith in Jesus Christ while attending The Send, a huge Christian worship event held in Brazil last weekend.

The Send conference in Brazil took place at the Brasilia National Stadium on February 8 where more than 140,000 attendees eager to say “no” to apathy and to live purposefully for God, responded to the powerful presence of God. Among the thousands in attendance was the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is heading into his second year in office.

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Bolsonaro was not formally invited to the event but still decided to attend. He addressed the crowd in one of the huge stadiums full of Christians declaring that he “believes in Jesus as his savior and that Brazil belongs to God,” reports.

The Send is a campaign to activate every believer into a lifestyle of Christ-like action. Major ministries have come together for the celebration, praying and believing that the world will turn to Jesus Christ.

Nearly 200 evangelical leaders spoke at the event, including Daniel Kolenda, Christine Caine, Francis Chan and Michael Koulianos.

“I’m utterly astounded by what God is doing in Brazil,” tweeted Christine Caine, who spoke at the conference. “This is Morumbi stadium packed out with a generation hungry for God. The thing is, I’m now on my way to speak at another packed out stadium in the SAME CITY.” 

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Koulianos wrote on Instagram, “Jesus loves Brasil! Yesterday, thousands gave their lives to Jesus, received healing, and made the choice to be SENT to the Nations. He is worthy of our YES!”

One pastor tweeted, “I keep receiving news about the last Saturday: 4,877 decisions, 7,890 youth enrolled and committed to bring revival to their schools, 6,457 enrolled to care for orphans, healings, people receiving the Holy Spirit while watching o YouTube.”

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Often referred to as the Trump of the Tropics, Bolsonaro has called himself a God-fearing man.

An assassination attempt by a knife-wielding attacker a month before Brazil’s election almost cost Bolsonaro his life. He says it is nothing short of a miracle that he’s alive today.

“Doctors who attended to me said that for every 100 stabbings of the kind I endured, only one person survives. So, I am a survivor and owe my life to God. It was His will for me to live.”

The attack became a turning point in his campaign as the populist candidate went on to win, promising to tackle Brazil’s rampant corruption and violence after taking office in 2019.

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On his first official day as the country’s 38th president, Bolsonaro promised to make Judeo-Christian principles a top priority in his administration.

Bolsonaro’s motto is: “Brazil above everything, God above all.” He believes it is a powerful statement about the importance of truth in politics, CBN News reports.

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