Biography Of Victoria Orenze

Victoria Orenze
Victoria Orenze

Victoria Orenze is a gospel singer, songwriter, recording artist, stage performer and a worshipper who is well known for her ability to bring the heavens down when she sings.

Victoria, who is really all about spiritual enlightenment firmly believes that true worship should direct people to Jesus Christ.

She started as a backup singer in her church before moving up to leading worship and praises. She then started out writing her own song lyrics. In every song, she endeavors to make her message clear.

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Victoria is also known for her ability to lead worship sessions in various circles where she is invited. In December of 2016, Victoria organized a Christian concert which she called ‘Return.’ The concert moved and illuminated the minds of the audience and others who watched the clips of the concert were touched. This event and concert took place in the main hall of University of Lagos in Ojo, Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria.

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Victoria Orenze added her musical success to her collaboration with Nathaniel Bassey in the hit song “Alagbada” and her powerful voice made it all the more glorious. She also released a solo single titled “On Fire”. She has participated in several concerts, programmes and other events both home and abroad that are organized for the purpose of worshiping God.


  1. i love victoria………..o………you are a true worshiper ……… songs goes with fire and heavenly discription…….full of passion for the work…………more grace for the raise…… another….oracle of worship………more grace…..more lifting in JESUS NAME……….RICHY


  2. God has through you and your ministry, stirred me up afresh…..David_Psalms loves you ma…..I am privileged to have you as one of my mentor ma….More of God and His revelation

  3. I’ve never been so in love with a worshipper before not until now, all I often see are gospel artists,I’m so in love with u ma and I celebrate u greatly .

  4. I have come to the realization now that indeed, nothing makes sense without Jesus……i celebrate u ma, more grace from above…..i love Jesus and i love u ma……

  5. Mama thank you for being a blessing always….. I can’t but bless the day I got to know about you…. ALAGBADA INA keep you strong ma’am … I Love you whole lot ma

  6. Wow thank you Jesus for a great work you are doing in ourselves, Victoria I love your song it touch my heart always, God bless your ministry.

  7. Comment:Its not by what you look it’s by what the spirit of the lord is doing in one’s life, the impaction of the holy spirit that has set a mark (records) in you will never end. sir BASSEY I honour you, mummy VIC I respect your anointing.

  8. The way I have always been evoke in my spirit after listening to your worship has never occurred before. I praise God for working through you. You are a Real blessing to me. Your songs has really set my heart on fire and am craving for more. God bless you Victoria.

  9. The way I have always been evoke in my spirit after listening to your worship has never occurred before. I praise God for working through you. You are a Real blessing to me. Your songs has really set my heart on fire and am craving for more. God bless you Victoria.

  10. I have never bn so bless by a song like dis 1,am still playing it again n again.I tell u dat u came bcos u r needed n u will not leave not till u finish ur work here,I love u even though I don’t no u

  11. Comment: oh God I bless ur name for this great commission u are using sis victoria for. oh lord set me on fire for you, invade me oh lord. I wish I can have the privilege to serve under u sister. may the Lord continue to use u for his Kingdom. odey joy brandy loves u alot. keep doing what the Lord has sent you and we all shall reign with him.

  12. Comment: this song got me spirit in holy ghost anything I listen to it including I want to see ur face. indeed you worship from your hrt not because of money.

  13. Comment:
    I have not seen the kind of goose bumps that covers me whenever I listen to “on fire”. it makes me cry and seek to know God the more.
    God bless this woman who do not come to entertain but to minister. Yes! Her song is a message

  14. you have been an inspiration mummy VIC , After listening to your ministrations an army would always rise up in me. May GOD bless you real good.

  15. Ma u are my mentor in fact my friends call me miss “ON Fire” and they re like can’t u do another song, my ministration song sequence “On Fire, I want to see your face and draw, Thank u Ma COs today I am deeper in worship because of the songs God has given to us through u

  16. Comment: O God! set our hearts on fire for you; that righteousness may reign in the land and that your glory may fill the earth. God bless you ma.

  17. Comment:
    I love your worship so much.. I love you too.. you’ve really made me to know that God really choose me to set his people free through true worship. Your songs crack my bones. They make me crave for God the more there’s something Alike in both of us that am still yet to know. I want to see God yes… But I want to meet with you one on one and minister with you on God’s alter. I pray God meets my heart desires.
    I pray that my father will use me mightily like you. Your oil will never run dry in Jesus name Amen.

  18. I cry like a baby when I listen to your ministrations. You are indeed a blessing to me. You worship from deep within and I keep prying to God for an explosion of His anointing over my life, ministry and everyone that come in contact with me. May Our awesome God continually uphold you, that His anointing over your life will not run dry.

  19. sister Victoria, you are something else in the ministry of gospel music. yours is not about the artificial class and packaging that we see all around in the gospel music ministry today. the spirit just flows through you just the way you are. I admire the grace at work in your life, and the burning passion with which you minister.
    Oh Lord please hold her so tight till she accomplishes this divine work she’s called to do.

  20. Ma’am, i celebrate you more grace to you, your songs is blessings to my life, the very i listen to you music i was really move in worship. Have been listening to songs but yours there is a unique flavors of Anointing.

  21. Comment: i thank God for giving us such a worshipper that stirred my spirit up, am indeed reflesh; more auction for his invasion. Thanks

  22. you are sent by God to bless souls i so much get connected each time i just hear your vioce.. I do sin but when i wanu pray i play ur musics.. There is a spirit in you and its a spirit of the Lord using you to draw souls back to his words.. God richly bless You and may his spirit never depart from you VICTORIA ORENZE

    • May God continue to use you ma’am may He increase the annointing he has placed upon your head may you never lack inspiration May God continue to bless you and use you ma’am

  23. I love vitoria orenze …… I do enjoy I songs….it inspires me nd lut me in check for the race of salvation…. keep it up ma more grace

  24. When u give God what He can’t give Himself ….He will give to u what u can’t give to yourself……

    When u here true worship, even when passing by , u must know…..

    “VICTORIA” more power to ur elbow…

    I pray that thing of the world will never divert ur inbuilt talents negatively….above all remember the days of little beginning.

  25. Comment:
    Sis Victoria, You’re A Blessing, You Always Remind Us Of This One Thing, There’s God In Heaven Who We Should Spend Iternity With…More Grace For You.

  26. Ma i celebrate grace
    .. Ur songs has been an inspiration
    May God always use u greatly and give u answer to all ur secret prayer and grant u more of his spirit

  27. Comment:you are a real blessing to me.a simple woman who can bring down God’s presence.that’s all that matters in life.thank God for who you are

  28. God bless you ma! God bless you really… I`m so grateful for you. Your songs are one of the very first that inspired me back in school, and ever still ministerial. I intensely pray for Grace for you ma, grace to be aligned and relevant till the end of time in Jesus mighty name. God bless you ma. I LOVE YOU VICTORIA ORENZE… Thank you for following Jesus, your life is an inspiration.

  29. I am completely changed ma….I can’t control my emotions 😭😭…all I desire for and pray for is to see you one day and also at the Master’s kingdom

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