William HerbertBillKeller is an American television evangelist and the host of Christian evangelical Internet and television ministry Live Prayer.

Keller was born on February 18, 1958 in Columbus, Ohio, raised in the United Methodist Church, and has identified himself as an evangelical Christian since the age of 12. Keller worked through high school to save for his post-secondary education because his father—who had owned a Standard Oil gas station—died when he was only 16. Keller went to Ohio State University for three years with the goal of becoming a Christian minister. While at Ohio State however, Keller began a successful computer sales business. After earning millions of dollars, Keller was convicted of insider trading and spent nearly three years in prison.

During his time in prison, Keller attended Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University through its distance learning program. Keller earned a B.S. in General Studies with concentrations in Biblical studies and journalism.

In August 1999, Keller began writing material for a ministry show he planned on starting. The Live Prayer television program debuted in March 2003. Sponsorship of the program fluctuated during the programs run which affected syndication of the show. During most of the shows run, it aired in the Tampa bay market but enjoyed nationwide syndication for a time due to available funds. Currently, Live Prayer is broadcast online through the show’s official website and on television in numerous different markets, including New York City and Chicago. The website features archives of the most recent shows as well as links to other media. Keller also writes a “daily devotional” each day which can be read or listened to. The daily devotional offers Keller’s interpretation of the bible in the context of coping with life challenges.

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