“The Bible Gives Life…I Have To Share It”: Arabian Man Shares His Story


This story is just one example of why your support is so important —not only to provide copies of God’s Word, but also to support missionaries as they build relationships while walking Muslims towards faith.

Abdul wipes the cold sweat from his brow. He’d already come this far, but the darkness feels ominous, and looking around him he wonders…

• Have I been followed?

• Are the authorities watching me right now?

• Will I live to see tomorrow?

Abdul had taken all the precautions — waiting until the dead of night, hiding the Bibles in secret compartments in his vehicle, driving a circular route to confuse any followers and praying fervently.

“It’s up to God,” Abdul whispers with resolve. “My life is in His hands.”

Abdul knows the risk of sharing the gospel in his area of the Arabian Peninsula. But the words of God in Scripture are too important. He says, “I’ve seen the power of God’s Word. The Bible gives life…I have to share it, no matter what it takes!”

He moves quickly in silence. Placing Bibles on the doorstep of every home in a small Arabian village where there’s no Christian witness…yet.

And with every Bible placed, Abdul whispers the words of Isaiah 55:11, “My word…will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

As Abdul drives home, grateful for another successful mission, he begins praying for God to prepare the hearts of these Muslim families — because tonight is just the beginning…

For four months, Abdul prays every day for God to be faithful to His promise in Isaiah 55:11 — that His Word would accomplish His purpose in the lives of these Muslim families.

As one of our partners on the ground in the Arabian Peninsula, he understands the importance of a fertile heart to receive Scripture — so it can deeply take root. Because it’s not just about conversions. When new believers in this area of the world begin to follow Jesus, they face the burning fires of persecution. And many wonder if the cost is too great. That’s why Abdul not only delivers Bibles, but he also walks with Muslims on their journey towards faith…Returning to the same village after four months of prayer, Abdul enters a café where many locals gather.

Because he’s a stranger, some Muslim men ask where he’s from and why he’s in the area. But soon he’s asked if he’s a Muslim. And stepping out in faith, Abdul responds, “No, I’m a Christian.” And with great excitement, the men share they’d found Bibles on their doorsteps a few months prior, and they’d been reading them ever since.

“But many parts are difficult,” they say. “Will you help us understand?”

Abdul responds with a grin, “Of course! If you get your Bibles, we can study them together.” For the next hour, Abdul and the Muslim men pore over the Scriptures together — studying the Gospel of John. And Abdul shares about the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Abdul will continue visiting the village, sharing insights into God’s Word and building relationships — knowing God is using him to lay a firm foundation for Him to open doors to share the gospel.

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