2016 was a great year for Christian movies with more releases that offer better storytelling and improved production.
Faith-based films have been credited for its promotion of family values and the Bible, aiding in the renewed spirituality sweeping across America.
From more than a dozen Christian films produced last year, we narrow these down to the best five.

While other critics focus on the technical production and performance of the actors when doing reviews, our choice of the following is based on the message these movies convey.

The theme of these films is unapologetically Christian. Best of all, the producers didn’t insert plots that distort the Scriptures.

1. “God’s Not Dead 2”

The sequel to the highly acclaimed movie of the same title tells the story of a teacher who was forced to go to trial for answering a student’s question based on her faith. The movie’s message inspires in the midst of attempts by secularists to undermine the Christian faith, and it tells us not to back down from this pressure.

2. “Miracles from Heaven”

It’s really nice to see our favorite Hollywood stars act in Christian movies for a change. Jennifer Garner earned rave reviews for her role in this touching true-to-life film about a mother and her 10-year-old daughter who is afflicted with a rare, incurable illness. Garner’s portrayal as the mother who won’t give up is very convincing.

3. “Greater”

This movie tells the story of a devout man of God who defied obstacles to become a football player, even earning a college scholarship and a spot at the National Football League. His family’s faith, however, is tested by a tragic event. The film is Christian through and through, with scenes of Bible studies, prayer and conversations about God shown prominently.

4. “Risen”

Rarely do faith-based period films match up to the suspense and drama depicted in their secular counterparts. Set in post-Christ Resurrection in Jerusalem, “Risen” is about a Roman tribune who was ordered by Pontius Pilate to find the missing body of Jesus, only to find salvation in the end.

5. “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise”

The world-renowned praise and worship group marks another milestone for coming out with this groundbreaking documentary about their music and humble beginnings. The movie also appealed to a secular audience based on its commercial success.

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