Written By Parley Parker Pratt

Beloved Brethren! sing his praise
Who formed the worlds on high;
Who taught the planets where to trace
Their orbits in the sky.

O sing the fervor of His love—
The wonders of His grace;
Who sent the Savior from above
To save a dying race.

In songs declare the works and ways
Of our Eternal God,
Whose kingdom in these latter days
Is spreading far abroad.

In Zion, let His name be praised,
Who hath a feast prepared,
The glorious gospel standard raised,
The ancient faith restored.

Swift heralds the glad news to bear
O’er land and ocean fly,
And to the wond’ring world declare
The message from on high.

Ye nations of the earth attend!
Let kings and princes hear;
And let the powers of darkness bend—
Messiah’s reign is near!

The Savior comes! ye saints! be pure,
And fix your hearts on high;
Lift up your heads, rejoice, for your
Redemption, draweth nigh.

Sing, Brethren! sing in strains divine,
Let all your voices raise:
Let heaven and earth their anthems join
In these, the latter days.


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