Written By Eliza Hewitt

We shall walk with Him in white,
In that country pure and bright,
Where shall enter naught that may defile;
Where the day-beam ne’er declines,
For the blessèd light that shines
Is the glory of a Savior’s smile.

Beautiful robes, beautiful robes,
Beautiful robes we then shall wear;
Garments of light, lovely and bright,
Walking with Jesus in white,
Beautiful robes we shall wear.

We shall walk with Him in white,
Where faith yields to blissful sight,
When the beauty of the King we see;
Holding converse full and sweet,
In a fellowship complete;
Waking songs of holy melody.

We shall walk with Him in white,
By the fountains of delight,
Where the Lamb His ransomed ones shall lead,
For His blood shall wash each stain,
Till no spot of sin remain,
And the soul forevermore is freed.


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