Baptist University Revokes Student’s Admission For Being Gay

Baptist University Revokes Student’s Admission For Being Gay
Baptist University Revokes Student’s Admission For Being Gay

Union University, a private evangelical Christian school in Jackson, has rescinded an admissions offer to a graduate-level nursing student after investigating the student’s sexual orientation, according to a letter sent by the university.

Alex Duron posted a letter he received from the Southern Baptist–affiliated school located in Jackson, on Facebook last week, noting that his admission to a nursing program was rescinded because he was found in violation of the school’s Community Values Statements for Graduate and Non-Traditional Programs.

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“It turns out that a faith-informed education from Union University is not God’s plan for me, because Union University is not ‘informed’ enough to not recognized [sic] that bigotry masked as religion is not Christian at all,” Duron, 38, wrote.

Alex Duron was slated to attend a master’s program in nurse anesthesia this fall at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, about midway between Memphis and Nashville.

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But days before classes started, the private Christian college sent him a letter rescinding his acceptance.

“I was caught completely off guard,” Duron said. “I have altered my whole life. I had quit my job, sold a lot of my stuff and was ready move.”

In a letter to the student and statement, the university said as a Christian institution, it is allowed to uphold its biblical teachings and Duron signed the university’s values statement.

Union sent a letter to Duron saying his social media presence and “intent to live with your partner” violated the school’s community values on same-sex couples, which Duron shared on Facebook.

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Duron said because of the novel coronavirus pandemic he was planning to live on campus in a dorm with several other graduate students and his fiance never planned to move to Jackson.

He added Union never asked about his sexual orientation on any application or interview. Union never explicitly stated what exactly triggered them to look into Duron’s background.

In a statement to the Jackson Sun, the university said that as a Christian institution, it has certain standards of behavior.

“As a Christian institution, Union University has standards of behavior for its faculty, staff, and students that are consistent with biblical teaching and historic, orthodox Christian practice,” the statement said.

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“We love our students and want them to thrive and succeed, and we believe that a standard of conduct that honors God and submits to his authority is an important part of that success.

All students who apply to Union University sign a statement saying they will comply with the university’s values. Those students who fail to abide by those values – or who show no intention of attempting to do so – are subject to disciplinary measures that can include dismissal from the university.”

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