Australian Kmart Bans Christian Words “Jesus”, “Bible” “Church” But Ok “Islam” “Mosque” “Koran”


“Kmart bans customers using religious words such as ‘Jesus’ or ‘church’ at its photo printing kiosks – but ‘Islam’ and ‘Koran’ get the all-clear,” by Charlie Moore, Daily Mail Australia, June 12, 2019 .

Kmart has caused outrage after its photo printing kiosks banned some words relating to religion.

Words such as Jesus, church and Bible used in captions were deemed to be profanities and replaced with asterisks.

The words Jewish and Allah were also banned but mosque, Islam and Koran were not.

It was not just religious words affected by the error, with the word Canadian also banned, reported the Daily Telegraph.

When customers tried to caption photos with the forbidden words, a message came up on screen saying ‘profanity has been detected in text and substituted with ****’….

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Kmart is claiming that the error was from a glitch in the kiosk’s software. According to the Daily Telegraph, Kodak announced the “software issue” affected all Kmart photo kiosks across the country and the issue was resolved by Thursday morning.

Journalists from the Daily Telegraph decided to investigate to supposed glitch to see if words associated with other religions were also banned. According to, the reporters found that words including “Islam,” “Allah” and “Koran” were allowed.

Still, Kmart is asserting that the ban on Christian words was not intentional and was not a targeted attempt to suppress Christian values.

A “system error.” Sure. These “errors” always go in only one direction. This is more likely yet another incident in the West’s massive and ongoing cultural capitulation.

A spokesman for Kmart said ‘We would like to sincerely apologise for this system error, which has been rectified overnight. It in no way reflects our views as a business. …

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The issue was discussed on Sunrise on Tuesday morning.

Presenter Sam Armytage said it was ‘rubbish’ that this was a system error and that Kmart was just covering itself….

Kmart Australia Limited is an Australian chain of retail stores, owned by Wesfarmers. It operates 228 stores across Australia and New Zealand, with its head office located in Mulgrave, Melbourne.

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