Apostle Omotosho Joseph 2020 Prophecy

Prophet Omotosho Joseph
Apostle Omotosho Joseph

2020 Prophecies By Apostle Omotosho Joseph

Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph has Released Shocking 57 Prophecies About Dangote, Otedola, Oshiomole And Others, for 2020.

It could be recalled that over the years, he has given lot of prophecies which bothers on the state of the nation, Nigerian politics, Foreign politics and all sectors of the economy.
For 2020, The Apostle, who is the founder of Word Diet International Gospel Church, has reeled out fresh prophecies for 2020 which covers Nigeria in particular and the world at Large.

Read Apostle Omotosho Joseph 2020 Prophecies Below:


2020 is going to be great year for the children of God and a year of repentance for sinners.

1) Let us pray against the death of a prominent Islamic scholar and a Pastor. Let us pray against religious crisis in Nigeria. I see mosques being attacked by Christians and churches being attacked by muslims. I see Kaduna crisis coming up again unless the state government seriously calmsit down. Once the crisis comes, Government should address it. Government should try and have a dialogue with Tivs and Jukuns because the crisis between them are political and religious in nature.

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2) The British prime minister may not finish his tenure because there will be crisis. I see Russia being attacked. Ukraine and America having issues, deeper than the one we see in 2019. I see massive protest against Boris Johnson and American President. An attempt to impeach Donald trump will make him more popular and enhance his chances of winning the elections in 2020. I see a gang up against Boris Johnson that will disallow him from finishing his tenure. Brexit will collapse the British economy because the economy will go weak. I see Donald trump shedding tears over a one time senator and a singer. Let us pray for his salvation.

3) I had once said that 4 Presidents will be removed, 3 has been removed remaining 1. The fourth president will be removed in 2020. Venezuelan president will fight the American government over his removal from office.

4) I see terrorists using new methods to penetrate American security system. I see domestic violence and killing in America, Uk, France. I see a change in NATO.

5) Customs will run into debts and the president will be forced to open border in 2020. West Africa will have a common currency in 2020.

6) Governor of Adamawa will not be removed from office but will win 2nd term.

7) Let us pray against Refinery explosion.

cool I see governorship forum waxing stronger in Nigeria. 2020 budget will not boost the economy.

9) There will be violence in these states; Jigawa, Jos, Zamfara, Adamawa, Kaduna, Bayelsa, Cross River, Ogun, Benue, Kogi, Oyo, Enugu, Katsina but God will give Oyo state governor the wisdom to tackle the problem that it will not escalate. There will be a major attack in Abuja, Kano, Portharcourt, Kano,Kaduna, Borno and Onitsha. Let us pray for all the monarchs in Nigeria.

10) NASS will work with the President. Government will avert NLNC strike in 2020. I see problem at the APC and the PDP top level that will cause the Deputy governors and speakers tp be removed. I see problem in NPA and Police Commission. I see 2 secretaries to the state government being removed from the office from conspiring against the Governor. Nigeria should watch out because Xenophobic attacks will be so high that even the government will not be able to tackle it.

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11) Haitian President needs to pray.

12) I did not see Nigeria oil reserve lasting for 50years. Femi Otedola should pray, he will have issues in his investment plans. He will face some scandal in his business. Obat oil should pray.

13) Akeredolu will win elections but needs to pray for his first Lady.

14) 2020 we need to pray against building collapses. Ocean surge May cause ship wreck.

15) I see changes in Customs, Prisons amd Immigration although Customs will face problems with the Ministry of Finance. Naira will loose more value against dollar and pounds although CBN will pump money but it will not work. CBN will put some banks under pressure to merge. They’ll be much money in circulation in 2020. The rich will become richer and poor rich.

16) There will be serious issue in Nigerian music industry that will cause a serious setback. Amina Dangaji will be called to solve the problem. Let us pray for a popular radio presenter and a newspaper publisher.

17) In 2020 lagos state governor will bring a new policy that will be make the state better but wicked cabal will not allow it to come to pass. I see a Muslim becoming the next governor of Lagos state. Oyo state governor will take a giant step. I see the hand of God on that man’s life. I see the governor of Ondo state coming back for a second time with a narrow escape. Some senators and house of Reps will be removed.

18) The National Aviation system will face crisis. I see Air Peace and Medview borrowing money. Let us pray for Dana, Ethiopian and British airways. Nigerian National carrier will have a beautiful definition but no destination.

19) Many Insurance companies will shut down. The state police will not be established. Let us pray for the Police force. There will be issue with ranks. I see Nigerian Army in indictment that will cause the service chief to be changed immediately. Boko Haram will come back with full force but we pray that our army will not be wasted.

20) Lagos and Abuja medical team will go strike. There will be change in some media houses in Nigeria. Labour and the Nigerian government will fight over minimum wage. Let us pray against sickness in Nigeria, Fever, Cholera and Meningitis.

21) Lagos state government will discover the hide out of terrorist group although one market will be set ablaze. I don’t see this government reducing unemployment but there will be fake employment scheme everywhere. Nigeria Agricultural project will experience fraud that the government will not be able to support farmers. The governor of Ogun will perform excellently well. I see fulani herdsmen taking another another way of kidnapping but in 2020 terrorists group will diminish because the army will suppress them.

22)I see Keystone Bank experiencing problems.

23) Jamb and Waec will experience problems.

24) The custom will intercept a truck load of weapons.

25) Fire attack on Tincan island will be averted.

26) Some airports will be shut down for renovations.

27) Some governors will fight over themselves over who is performing well.

28) There is a going to be a terrorist group that will launch attack in saudi arabia that will cause the petroleum market to crash. I see Iran and other arab countries working against America.

29) There will be changes in Lasaco and aiico insurance. Let us pray for the MD of Oando. Exxon mobil needs a lot of prayers. MRS oil needs prayers.

30) MTN and Airtel telecom will face challenges.

31) Zenith bank, Unity and Sterling bank should pray against fire outbreak.

32) I see CBN redeploying their past Governors and deputy governors.

33) I see a document that will indict the Nnpc and the GMD will be under pressure to resign.

34) I see Nigeria qualifying for the coming national cup. Ama Jude needs prayers.

35) There is no candidate that can defeat Obaseki, the governor is God’s project for Edo state.

36) Let us pray not to loose a one time president and one time governor, SSG, former senator, one time minister and one time speaker of house of Assembly in Nigeria. I see fire outbreak in NASS and people running helter skelter. Let us pray for the speaker of house of Reps Femi Gbajabiamila that his people will not call him back because his community project will be diverted by wicked people.

37) Atiku will loose in Supreme court. God is preparing a new person for 2023 elections.

38) Dangote should pray for his Business not to experience challenge.

39) I do not see Igbos becoming president in 2020 even the North. Who will become the president will shock many.

40) The SFG will face indictment.

41) There will be poor electricity supply.

42) I pray universities will not be shut down because of fire crisis and immorality by lecturers.

43) Megu will be confirmed as the chairman of Efcc.

44) I see APC and PDP coming together to form a party in 2023 that will take over from the presidency amd kwara state government.

45) I see the Judiciary being used to fight those who oppose the government.

46) Oshiomole will be removed by the cabal.

47) Malawian president will face challenges and will be probed. This will lead to the weakening force of the Malawian army.

48) Vizcarra martins will be the next president of Peru.

49) The only way Haiti will have peace is when they protest and remove the Haitian President.

50) The president of Israel Reuven Rivlin will be probed amd changed.

51) UN will loose an executive director and some of their aid workers will be kidnapped and killed but God will intervene.

52) Miners will be attacked.

53) Hong Kong will come out of China.

54) I see a military coup not being successful in one of the African countries.

55) I see the governor of Kano state and Emir and some of the governors in the North fighting the Emirs for saying the truth. PDP will become the next governor of Kaduna statein 2023.

56) The Cabal will not allow Osibanjo to rule but he has great intention.

57) The president of Ghana will win the next elections.

In another set of prophecy release by the Apostle, he spoke about Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Igbo presidency amongs others . Here are the predictions as received by us:


1) Let’s pray against the departure of a great man of God not to loss him in the year 2020.

2) No matter how things seems to be harder, God will exempt those who

serve him in 2020.

3) Budget 2020 will not solve peoples need but, God’s covenant will answer for believers.

4) Let’s pray against bomb explosion in Nigeria.

5) I see God using new techniques to tackle crime.

6) There will be clashes within the four ethnic groups in Nigeria (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Fulani’s).

7) Let’s pray against the deportation of Nigeria and also pray against being deported within Nigeria.

8) People who want to express their desire may failed in 2020 by the government.

9) Let’s pray against security challenge in Nigeria and around the world..

10) I see aversion of massive erosion in Kogi, Enugu, Lagos, Ekiti, Ondo and the Northern states. Pray not to be a victim..

11) I see a new flag with a new country. That is, some countries will come out of another.

12) Let’s pray against electricity challenge in the following states such as; Kwara, Edo, Ebonyi, Kano, Rivers and Cross River State.

13) The Igbos’ will not be elected into power in 2023 as president but, power will be maintained by who the Almighty will elect.

14) Federal Inland Revenue services should get ready for a new tax system in 2020.

15) Leadership of stock exchange will be changed.

16) There will be fraud in pension commission that will lead to massive protest and ghost workers will be detected.

17) I see a new presidential Villa dedicated by a great man of God in this country, because the president Villa will be relocated.

18) Let’s pray against earthquake, Land shades and earth tremor in Nigeria.

19) Osibanjo will be dangerously awarded for stability , the cabals will want him removed but God will not allow it..

20) Many fake pastors will be exposed. Let it not affect your faith God will be making a separation in 2020.


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