America Will Face ‘Financial And Moral Decline’ If It Loses Faith In God, Kirk Cameron Says


Kirk Cameron is so passionate about bringing revival to America

Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameronkirk

Star actor and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron has warned that America will face ‘financial and moral decline’ if it continues to turn it’s back on God. “You can’t help but hear Martin Luther King’s voice in your head: That our country becomes a place where we would judge people by their character and not the color of their skin,” Cameron told The Gospel Herald. “And, I would add that faith in God and a dependence upon the goodness of God would also be at the center of that.”

Cameron still believes that America has a chance to turn things around, but it would require a major change, and a return to the heart of the nation’s founding principles. “Abraham Lincoln said — and I’m paraphrasing — we’ve become so strong and prosperous and admired by so many, but our problem is that we’ve forgotten what made us this way,” Cameron said. “We’ve forgotten that this comes as a gift from God because of our reliance on him and our willingness to follow his ways. We need to get back to that.”

Cameron says that America can achieve the “golden triangle of freedom,” which is built upon faith and virtue. However, he asserts that this is only possible if Americans return to the truth of God’s existence.

“If there’s no God, then you have to throw out so much else,” Cameron said in an episode of The Kirk Cameron Podcast. “You have to throw out the ideas of goodness and love and truth and knowledge and beauty, because those ideas don’t even exist in a world where there is no God.”

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