‘All Christians Must Leave India’, Hindu Leader Demands In Publicized Video


A video being widely circulated on social media shows a controversial Hindu leader threatening to use force to expel Christians if they do not leave India.

The video, posted on May 26, shows Hindu leader Om Swami Maharaj and a group of around 20 people carrying placards and banners with pictures of Pope Francis, near the Sacred Heart Cathedral in New Delhi, reported Catholic news site UCAN.

In the video, Maharaj spread on the ground a banner featuring a picture of the pope and then, with several others, stomped on it. Slogans of “Pope Francis murdabad” (Down with Pope Francis) were shouted.

A still image of a man believed to be controversial Hindu leader Om Swami Maharaj stomping on a picture of Pope Francis.

The Hindu leader accuses Indian Christians of promoting terrorism and Maoism and demands that they leave India. He adds that if Christians don’t exit voluntarily, they will be expelled by force.

According to the World Watch List, an analysis published 2018, by Open Doors USA documenting the persecution of Christians worldwide, India ranks 11 among top 50 Countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian.

Please continue to pray for these Indian Christians that their faith do not grow cold and that they be protected from harm.


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