After Performing 1,200 Abortions, Levatino Had A Change Of Heart


As a gynecologist, he believed he was helping women when he performed about 1,200 first and second trimester abortions, until an event that radically changed his heart.

Former Abortion Provider, Dr. Anthony Levatino
Former Abortion Provider, Dr. Anthony Levatino

Dr. Anthony Levatino thought he was doing the right thing. But then he suddenly had a transformative heart moment that left him disgusted.

In an interview on PureFlix‘s “The Billy and Justin Show”, Levatino, who still practices medicine, shared about the incident that changed his life forever.

Originally pro-choice in the 1970s and early 1980s, the former abortionist and his wife were having a difficult time conceiving a child. As a result, they began to look into adopting. But he soon had a hard time reconciling the idea of attempting to have a baby while aborting others for a living.

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Levatino and his wife adopted a girl and then found out they were pregnant with a boy. 

“We were fortunately able to adopt a child after a considerable amount of effort,” he said. 

Still, Levatino continued to perform abortions until tragedy hit his home. 

“Our daughter, Heather, who we had adopted, was two months shy of her 6th birthday when she was struck and killed by a car out in front of our home,” he continued.

The loss impacted Levatino to his core, shifting his perspective of abortions forever. The next time he performed an abortion, he realized the difference. 

“I finished that abortion… for the first time in my career after all those years and all those abortions, I looked… and I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose and I didn’t see what a great physician I was helping her with her problem,” he said. “And I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter,” CBN news reports.

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Former Abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino
Former Abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino

After a few months, he stopped performing second-trimester abortions, then a little later, he stopped performing all abortions.

“Once you figure out that killing a baby the size of your hand for money is wrong, then it doesn’t take you too long to figure out that it doesn’t matter how big — it’s still her son or daughter,” he said. “That was the beginning of the end.”

Levatino recently played the role of an abortion doctor in the new hit film “Unplanned“. The movie shares the real-life story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who left the abortion industry and became an advocate for life. 

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