Jesus Delivers Woman After 38-years of Demon Possession


From a terrifying childhood of seeing “shadow people” to 38-years of stretch as a medium who lived in the grips of evil without even knowing it, Ivani found herself on a troubling life journey, but a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ changed absolutely everything.

Ivani and her family share the unsettling, stunning and powerful moments that led to her healing

Listen as Ivani shares her incredible testimony here.

Remarkable Stories Of Satanists, Witches And Psychics Who Encountered Jesus

Jesus Delivers Another Demon-possessed Woman

Amy Stamatis was a healthy nurse, wife and mother — until one day, something bizarre unfolded.

“I told my husband I think I’m having a nervous breakdown,” she told “The Playing With Fire Podcast.” “I was doing some really crazy things. They ended up putting me in a psychiatric hospital … doctors said, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this.’”

Overtaken by sudden suicidal inclinations, Amy dropped herself out of a two-story window and nearly died. But it was a stranger who, under prompting from God, helped heal her.

Listen to Amy’s testimony here

After 33 years of Satanism, Brian Cole Turns Preacher of Jesus Christ

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