About 3,000 Ugandans Receive Jesus Christ Into Their Lives In Two Days


In an attempt to fulfill the Great Commission, despite the prevailing conditions caused by the pandemic, 41 evangelists began to spread the Gospel in the Jinja district of eastern Uganda.

Led by Pr. Gerald Mwebe, the Streams of Life Church group has been touring several remote villages in the region since August 31, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ from door to door.

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The mission led to the salvation of 2903 souls, “including various miracles,” the church said. “We give God all the glory for this great harvest,” Bibliatodo reports.

They reported 826 souls won on the first day and 2,077 souls the next day.

The team never missed an opportunity to share the good news of salvation as they went from house to house and into the streets. They ministered, preached and prayed for many.

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Pastor Gerald exhorted fellow believers in Christ to preach in “whatever area God has placed you.”

“The enemy has deceived our young people so much that at this point they believe wickedness is cool. Many now think doing drugs and drinking is stylish and sleeping around is trendy, overlooking all the dangers. It’s because the enemy has planted lies in their innocent minds at a young age just to destroy them,” he said.

He added, “Friends, in whatever area God has placed you, preach. If you are a parent or God has given you the opportunity of having children and teenagers in your care, show them Christ.”

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“Don’t assume they know, teach them, be intentional. Most of our young people drift away because they are looking for an opportunity to be loved and accepted. You can preach to them by loving them and encouraging them through their life journey.”

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