2020 Prophecies By Prophet Emmanuel Omale

Prophet Emmanuel Omale
Prophet Emmanuel Omale

Prophet Emmanuel Omale 2020 Prophecies

The founder of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Abuja, Dr. Emmanuel Omale has prophesied events that would happen in 2020.

Omale who released 29 prophetic words on Tuesday, Dec. 31., prophesied that a retired General will be implicated in coup attempt.

He also gave predictions on President Muhammadu Buhari, his wife Aisha, governors, the US election among others.

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The cleric warned Buhari to scrap the visa on arrival policy, noting that such would create problems for Nigeria.

See The Prophecies Below:

  1. President Buhari should scrap the visa-on-Arrival for Africans program as it will create untold crisis in the country.
  2. His war on corruption will jail two ex-Governors who are currently serving as Senators.
  3. President Buhari has seen the great success of his war on corruption under Ibrahim Magu and he will submit his name for re-appointment and confirmation in spite of massive gang up.
  4. Let’s pray for the health of a former Nigerian president.
  5. There are a lot of enemy arrows being shot at the first lady, and her immediate family. She requires special prayers to avert tragedy.
  6. The Nigerian security agencies should activate their intelligence gathering mechanism to avert a terrorist driver ramming into early morning commuters in Abuja.
  7. A serving Governor from North West Nigeria will experience tragedy in his family, but seeking the face of God will prove beneficial.
  8. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu must pray against terminal illness.
  9. So also, a prominent minister from the South East needs to get closer to God, to avoid calamity.
  10. A retired general from the North East may be implicated in a coup attempt.
  11. Two major markets will be engulfed in flames. Traders should insure their shops and goods.
  12. The rains will be unusual in their pattern this year, and we will see severe flooding nationwide.
  13. Kidnapping on major highways may increase around Easter period but this can be mitigated by security agencies’ diligence.
  14. I see a burning petrol tanker around lokoja engulfing several vehicles.
  15. President Buhari may effect minor cabinet reshuffle.
  16. The Deputy Senate President should pray against enemy’s attack on his health.
  17. I see prosperity for a lot of Nigerians despite a severe dip in the economy that will affect fixed salary earners.
  18. A major old generation bank will face serious challenge and may collapse except for God’s intervention.
  19. Christians should be exemplary in their conduct, especially one of the largest churches in south west that may immerse in big scandal.
  20. A telecommunication magnate from the South West should pray against stroke and eventual bedridden paralysis.
  21. The Chief of Staff to the president, Mallam Abba Kyari is trusted by the president. He should therefore pray against a well-orchestrated set up that may result in his removal.
  22. President Trump may still get re-elected unless the Democrats field Mr. Bloomberg.
  23. A major airline will face a major crisis that will collapse it if they don’t seek the face of God.
  24. Governor Obaseki will find it hard to get re-elected in Edo state, unless he seeks the hand of God.
  25. The Naira will depreciate against major international currencies, we need God to intervene.
  26. A former President of Ghana will win elections in Ghana.
  27. The price of petrol will go up.
  28. An ex-militant in Bayelsa will die in an assassination and this may throw the region into turmoil.
  29. I see President Buhari and Magu making a good name for Nigeria on the fight against corruption.

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