2020 Prophecies By Minister Folake Praise

Minister Folake Praise
Minister Folake Praise


A year of total concentration on the things of God.

A year of slavery for those who are not in Christ.

A year the heavens will dethrone kings and set slaves in position.

A year a star will spring forth.

A year of transformation for the people of God.

A year of burning fire.

A year of full dedication to God.

A year of King Jehoash…when the young shall take the throne.

A year of lots of fire.

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A year of discerning of spirits.

A year of synchronisation with the heavens.

A year to hold God by His word.

A year a Great father of faith will be called home.

A year of Psalm 24:1-10.

A year to choose the way of the Lord.

The way of the Lord, is the way through 2020

A year to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth.

A year of serious prayers and fasting – ( Fast 1st – 7th January, 2020)

A year to allow the free flow of the Spirit of God for you to experience liberty.

A year to be strong both in the spirit and in the flesh.

The master key to the Year 2020 is hidden in the word of GOD… search for it.

A year to preach the WORD, live the WORD, pray the WORD, sing the WORD.etc.

A serious warning to all gospel artiste to sing the WORD, eliminate all bad slangs and ungodly dancing steps from gospel songs in the year 2020.

A year of raw display of the power of GOD.

A year the everlasting arms of GOD will turn things around for those who abide in Christ.

Where are the YOUTHS FOR CHRIST? Distinguished Youth, Holy Youth, God-fearing Youth, Christ’s model Youth, Spirit-filled Youth… Step forward and take over…

A year God wants to pour out His spirit on the youth.

It is a year for YOUTHS IN CHRIST.

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A year to stir up the spirit of God frequently.

A year of Praise, Abundance and Dominion.

A year of great and marvellous things for those who are in Christ.

A year of disgrace for the kingdom of darkness.

The anointing of GOD will disgrace the kingdom of darkness.

A year of Proverbs 3:5-8.

A year to repent from sin, draw closer to GOD and live rightly.

A year for the wicked to repent.

A year for those doing good to continue without weariness.

A year to Go into the world and preach the gospel.

A year of serious warning that JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON

A year of serious warning that JESUS IS COMING VERY SOON.




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