Ugandan Pastor Reportedly Burns Bibles, Calls Them “Fake” And “Demonic”


A Ugandan Pentecostal pastor has reportedly torched thousands of Bibles because he believed they were “fake” and “demonic.”

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the House of Prayer Ministries in Kampala went ahead with the burning of the Good News Bible and the King James Version because they used the words “Holy Ghost” instead of “Holy Spirit,” reports RNS.

Many Christian leaders in the African nation have condemned his behavior. “We condemn the act in the strongest terms possible,” Bishop Herman Sentamu,  leader of the Passover Harvest church said. Bugingo allegedly told his followers the Bibles in question were the handiwork of “devil worshippers.”

However, Bugingo claims that he did not personally burn the Bibles, and said his enemies organizedthe dramatic event. He admits, however, that he wasnts to start self-publishing “correct versions” of the Bible.

“We shall speak the truth until the end of this world,” his Church declared in a post on Facebook.

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