The United States President Donald Trump has made his first appearance at the UN General Assembly in New York, asserting his belief that an Arab-Israeli peace deal is a real possibility. Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump re-affirmed his commitment to the state of Israel.

“Under your leadership, the alliance between America and Israel has never been stronger,” Netanyahu told Trump, as the two men shook hands and spoke to the press. So, what about the prospects of a peace deal between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians?

“I think Israel would like to see it and the Palestinians would like to see it,” said President Trump, according to CBN. “I think there is a good chance it could happen.”

“We will discuss, we can seize the opportunity to peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” said Netanyahu.

Trump says he hopes to see “significant progress” on the deal before the end of the year. He will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas later this week.

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