Israelis are fearful that the trend of increase in terror attacks in recent days may continue.

CBN News reports that there were six attacks within 48 hours in Israel. The escalation in attacks began Friday with incidents of a car ramming and an attempted stabbing attack.

The most noteworthy attack occurred on Monday morning when a Jordanian national attempted to stab to death two Israeli border police. The suspect stabbed the two officers in the upper body before they were able to repel his attack.

The officers shot and critically wounded the attacker. He later died from his wounds in the hospital.

One Israeli officer is in critical condition from her wounds. The other officer sustained less serious wounds, and he is expected to fully recover.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the increase in attacks:

“Ahead of the Tishrei holidays, the risk threshold has risen. The IDF and the Israel Police are boosting their forces,” Netanyahu said. “The security forces are on heightened alert and I will meet with them today in order to ensure that we will be ready to defend our people during this sensitive period. At the same time our eyes are on the north. We will not allow an additional front to be opened against the State of Israel on the Golan Heights, not there and not anywhere else.”

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