Tullian Tchividjian was deposed from ministry at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church after he and his then-wife Kim both admitted extra-marital affairs.

Pressure is growing on Tullian Tchividjian to leave Christian ministry altogether after another public call from “pastors and friends” for him to quit.

He was hired for a non-ministry post by Willow Creek Church, but it later emerged that as well as the inappropriate relationship to which he confessed, Tchividjian was also involved with another woman. He was fired by Willow Creek in March 2016.

Women with whom he had relationships have come forward and detailed his behaviour. One accused him of grooming her, while the blogger Nate Sparks has accounts from two women who have given their versions of their relationships with him.

Asked by The Christian Post to comment on some of the newer revelations about his behaviour, Tchividjian responded: “My family and I are fighting to just breathe right now. I have no further comment at this time about anything. Thank you for your understanding.”

Willow Creek’s pastor Kevin Labby released a statement last week in which he said Tchividjian needed to “pursue healing and renewal” before thinking about any return to ministry.

 Now a group of “pastors and friends” has produced another statement carried by blogger Warren Throckmorton. Among the signatories are Kevin Labby and Paul Tripp, who counselled Tchividjian and his former wife Kim. The statement expresses “thankfulness for the courageous women who came forward to tell their stories” and says recent disclosures “cast grave doubts over the sincerity of this commitment” to healing and renewal through repentance.

It says: “In as much as Tullian Tchividjian has habitually and impenitently used his public platform, his family’s good name, and the name of Christ for his own selfish ends, we believe that he has disqualified himself from any form of public vocational ministry.”

It continues with a plea for him to “repent of his wickedness and demonstrate his repentance by submitting himself to the leadership of his church of membership, pursuing forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation with those whom he has sinned against”.

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