Though ISIS is reportedly losing ground in Syria, most Christians in the region have still been unable to go back to their homes. reports that Christians continue to be caught in the middle of the conflict in Syria. ISIS forces have reportedly left the towns of Tel Nasri, Tel Goran, and other villages, but now Kurdish forces have infiltrated the towns.

Instead of welcoming Assyrian Christians back into their homes, however, the Kurdish forces have reportedly erected signs warning residents about possible mines. A report by Assyria TV, however, alleges that the Kurdish forces are using this as an opportunity to occupy the area.

Not only are the Kurdish forces occupying Assyrian Christian land under false pretences, but they are also reportedly stealing from the villages.

Between the remaining threat of violence perpetrated by ISIS militants and the new obstacle of the Kurdish forces’ occupation, Assyrian Christians don’t know where to turn.

Some Christian groups are speaking out on their behalf, initiating efforts to provide them with humanitarian aid, as well as political assistance and prayer.

The Christian group In Defense of Christians, for example, last month led a convention, urging the U.S. government to take action on behalf of Assyrian Christians who are suffering persecution and many hardships.

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