How A Saudi Arabian Muslim Found Jesus Online


I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God……Please take me to a church and give me a Bible.

After having more and more doubts about Islam, Saudi Muslim Mohammed began looking for truth online. This is the remarkable story of Mohammed entering God’s Kingdom and the crucial role that Christians have in this process via the internet.

“For many years, I had doubts when reading the Quran,” Mohammed shares. “For example, the fact that Allah and Mohammed are considered to be equal. How could Mohammed, a sinful man, be equal to God?”

There were more inconsistencies. Gradually, Mohammed decided to put his Muslim faith to the test. All his life he had been taught that missing even one of the five daily prayers would cause a Muslim immediate misfortune—something bad would most definitely happen if you ceased praying. “So I decided to stop praying for just one day and see what happened,” Mohammed says. “Nothing bad happened. On the contrary, I had an amazingly successful business day.”

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His doubts were mounting, and he started to look for other religions on the internet. He learned that the message of the Bible is easy to translate and understand in every culture. The love of God that he saw in the Bible wouldn’t let go of him, and he kept searching for more of it. He downloaded an app on his smartphone which taught him the basic foundations of Christianity. Mohammed felt more and more eager to grow, to meet Christians, to visit a church and to own a Bible.

Churches are forbidden in Saudi Arabia, especially for native Saudis like Mohammed. Saudi Muslim converts could face the death penalty. Bibles are illegal in Saudi Arabia. But that didn’t stop him. He traveled to two different countries in the Middle East where Christian churches are openly allowed to visit a church and obtain a Bible. But those ‘open’ churches are usually not allowed to minister to Muslims, only to Christians from families that have been believers for centuries. Mohammed was not allowed to even enter these churches and was sent away empty-handed.

Although disappointed, he refused to let go, and God certainly did not let go of him. Again, he went online and found a Christian website aimed at the Arab world. Mohammed decided to be bold and put into words what he had felt for a time now but never said to anyone in person: “I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Can I visit you? Please take me to a church and give me a Bible.”

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His messaged ended up in the offices of a Christian social media team in the Middle East. These Christians respond daily to questions and responses from visitors on Christian social media pages, some of them supported by Open Doors. They invited Mohammed to their country, and after a few days, he arrived.

There he finally was able to join the first church service in his life. He felt his heart being filled with joy. That day and the week following a whole new world opened for Mohammed. He joined every Bible study meeting available, sometimes up to four a day, and talked a lot with the pastors. After a few days, one of them asked him: “Mohammed, who is Jesus for you?”

His response couldn’t be clearer: “He is my Savior, my God.”

The pastor continued: “Do you believe He died for your sins at the cross?”

Again, a full confirmation from the eager young believer: “Absolutely.”

The church leadership baptized Mohammed during a special meeting a few days later. In front of a newfound groups of friends—brothers and sisters—he declared with his whole heart be a follower of Christ. The day after the ceremony his plane ticket was due and Mohammed returned to Saudi Arabia a newborn Christian, carrying his most precious possession with him—his Bible.

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If the authorities in Saudi Arabia, or even his family, find out about Mohammed’s faith in Christ, his life could be in danger. Even his wife and children don’t currently know that he has converted. Through social media the Christians in the follow-up team are discipling him to their best efforts.

But he is not alone. Mohammed is part of God’s family now, and no one can take that away from him.

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