Author: Daniel S. Warner

I’ll sing of a river divine,
Its waters from trouble release;
More precious than “honey and wine,”
That river, sweet river is peace.

Oh, this river of peace
Makes me perfect and whole;
And its blessings increase,
Flowing deep in my soul.

It reaches from heaven to earth,
It issues from under the throne;
Great peace! oh, thy infinite worth!
Sweet peace in my Jesus alone.

Oh, wonderful life-giving flood,
Thy waters so crystal and pure
Make glad all the “City of God”;
Forever thy blessings endure.

Oh, Jesus, the tempest of sin
Is hushed into heavenly rest,
Since tasting the pure, living stream
That flows from Thy crucified breast.

My moments as angels appear,
All gliding so gently along;
Each dropping a blessing so rare,
Enraptures my soul with a song.

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