Author: Maggie W. Stratton

Come, ye holy saints of God, let’s sing the joyful theme;
Out of all confusion we are gathered in His name;
Then with songs triumphant let us shout with glad acclaim
For our freedom in Christ, hallelujah!

We’re shouting aloud the present jubilee!
Our hearts from sin are made so pure and free;
Over all temptation we have perfect victory,
With the ransomed returning to Zion.

On the way of holiness to Zion bright and fair,
Songs of everlasting joy are ringing through the air;
Righteousness and purity the heritage we share,
In the name of the Lord, hallelujah!

Battles we must fight and win, the foe we must defeat,
Satan’s mighty fortresses to trample ’neath our feet;
Jesus is our Captain and we never will retreat,
While we sing to the Lord, hallelujah!

Once again the standards of the Bible we embrace,
Jesus is our fellowship and all who know His grace;
He our “all in all” shall be till we shall see His face,
While we sing to the Lord, hallelujah!

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