Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw (R) is requesting prayers after he received emergency eye surgery, CBN News reports.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw shared that he initially went to the doctor after he noticed strange black spots in his vision. From there, doctors reportedly discovered that his retina was separating from his existing eye. 

In a press release posted to Twitter, Crenshaw wrote, “A few days ago, I noticed some dark, blurry spots in my vision. I went to get this checked out by an ophthalmologist on Thursday, and they discovered that my retina was detaching. This is a terrifying prognosis for someone with one eye and the nature of the injuries I sustained in Afghanistan.

Crenshaw was rushed into emergency surgery to remedy the problem.

The surgery reportedly went fine, but the congressman will be out of commission for a while.

“I am sorry to inform everyone that I will be pretty much off the grid for the next few weeks. … My congressional offices in Washington, D.C. and Houston will continue to operate, and any constituent needing assistance with casework can still call my offices for help. I have gotten through worse before, and I will get through this,” he said in a statement.

Crenshaw has built a reputation as a pro-Veteran, pro-military conservative who is against communism and China taking over the United States. He is an ex-Nave-Seal who was deployed in Fallujah, Iraq, to be a part of Seal Team Three. He had five deployments overseas. His father was a successful businessman, and he traveled all over the country with his family.

Crenshaw lost one of his eyes in an IED blast in Iraq, where he awoke after losing consciousness. He was originally told he would be completely blind in both eyes, but he regained sight in one of his eyes. He retired from the SEALS in 2016 and shortly thereafter became a Congressional Representative.

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