RCCG Holy Ghost Congress Hymn 2020

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress
RCCG Holy Ghost Congress

Holy Ghost Congress Special Hymn 2020.

Tune: Amen Amen, Blessings and Glory.

1. No more crawling
And no more walking
And not just running
I will fly
I want to soar
Higher in the sky
Forever and ever

2. No more dwelling
Down in the valley
Of shame and sinning
And darkness
I want to rise
Far above weakness
Into holiness

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3. I am moving
To health and wholeness
For by Jesus stripes
Wholeness is mine
Why should I dwell
Where sickness abound
In health I will dwell

  1. 4. Freedom is mine
    Not satan’s bondage
    And Jesus is mine
    Jesus the way
    He is the Truth
    That sets free indeed
    I am now delivered
  1. 5. I declare firmly
    No more poverty
    My Dad in Heaven
    Owns the earth
    His treasures mine
    I will live in wealth
    I am heir of God
  1. 6. I won’t accept
    Any barrenness
    Any fruitlessness
    I reject
    My Dad the Vine
    His blood is my veins
    I am a branch of God
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  1. 7. I cannot faint
    Jesus my Helper
    My strength supplier
    Deep within
    I cannot fail
    Jesus Never fails
    Success mine forever
  1. 8. I live to reign
    Live in dominion
    Above all powers
    And my foes
    I am above
    Victorious forever
  1. 9. Halleluyah
    Sing Halleluyah
    Loud Halleluyah
    Big and clear
    Shout Halleluyah

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