Leading up to the release of 2014’s Anomaly, Lecrae was on top of the world. He was appearing on TV, selling out shows and quickly establishing himself as one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Platinum-selling recording artist Lecrae has partnered with the Christian app Pray.com and says difficult times remind believers just how important prayer is in life.


The Reach Records founder is a new brand ambassador for the Pray.com app that grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when most houses of worship were forced to close.

Launched in 2017 to help people stay connected with their faith, Pray.com is described as the world’s No. 1 app for Christians. Those behind the app “do some impactful work,” Lecrae told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

“They really take their time and energy to make sure the resources are right,” he said. “We have similar visions; they want to do good in this world. There are narrated stories. I did one called ‘Hope in a Dark World.’ It’s a bedtime Bible story, so I’m going to read you to sleep. And [there are] just a ton of different things along those lines that help parents and families share lessons with their kids about having faith in tough times.”UnmuteAdvanced SettingsFullscreenPauseUp Next

Lecrae revealed that during the pandemic, he was forced to press into his own faith. 

“Not being able to be at our local church put a lot of onus on me to really process how we’re going to develop our kids because our church wasn’t doing a live stream of youth services at the time. I had to really get creative and step up,” the father of three added. “I learned a lot about communicating to these kids and helping them understand things.

“Prayer is everything,” he declared. “I’m a firm believer that God is near the brokenhearted. So when you’re going through tough times, God is near. I have a little model of the temple that existed in Israel. And I have [it] because it’s a reminder that this is how serious the believers in God took their faith that they would build this temple, and they believed His presence was felt in this temple.

“For me now, knowing that I’m the temple and the Spirit of God lives in me, I can access God at any given moment. It’s a massive thing,” Lecrae added. “That’s been huge for me. Being able to do that is massive. So prayer is super important.”

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