Buses in the United Kingdom will feature quotes from Scripture this Easter season as part of a campaign called the “Quote Jesus” bus campaign.

Howard Conder, founder of Revelation TV, is spearheading the campaign. Scripture verses such as “Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die,” “In my Father’s house there are many mansions,” and “I am the way, the truth and the life,” will be displayed on 75 of London’s popular Routemaster buses.

The campaign will begin on April 10 and will run for two weeks.

Howard explained why he believes the campaign is so important:

“’In the wake of the Westminster attacks it is clear that hope, or to be precise the lack of hope, is becoming an issue in this generation.

We think the Bible has a lot say about ‘hope’, and our vision for this campaign is to influence the hearts, minds and perceptions of this generation, to offer them hope and faith for a better future,” he continued. “The Bible is a book of hope and this generation is missing out because it has little knowledge of what the Bible has to say.”

Howard hopes the bus campaign can draw people to Scripture and to Jesus in order to find hope amid a world so often filled with chaos, violence, and hopelessness.

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