A Prayer For Zimbabwe As Mugabe Steps Down


The man who dominated Zimbabwe for so long has already begun to fade into history here

Robert Mugabe Has Resigned As Zimbabwe's President
Robert Mugabe Has Resigned As Zimbabwe’s President

Thousands of Zimbabweans are celebrating on the streets this morning as the news came through that President Robert Mugabe was stepping down. His brutal, 37-year grip on the Southern African nation has seen the economy plummet and civil and racial division proliferate across the country.

MP’s were seen cheering when the announcement was made. “Driving through Harare, the cheers and the blaring of car horns signalled the end of the Mugabe era,” writes BBC Africa Editor Fergal Keane.

“The man who dominated Zimbabwe for so long has already begun to fade into history here. It is a city singing with the noise of joy.”

“God has given us a chance and we must use it profitably for all the people of Zimbabwe and not just for a few people,” Most Rev Chad Gandiya told Premier UK.

The Mike Campbell Foundation, the founder of which once took Mugabe to court for stealing his farm and giving it to his political associates, has posted a powerful prayer for the nation at this exciting and uncertain time.

“Lord what a momentous day, we end it by coming before You with thanks and deep gratitude not only that it came about, but that for the first time in Zimbabwe’s tumultuous history, change happened without widespread bloodshed and violence in the nation,” MCF wrote.

“We go to bed with a tumble of emotions – stunned, joyful, relieved, flashes of sadness as we remember those we’ve lost, but mostly Lord we thank You and pray that Your Spirit will be over the future of this country. May the path ahead be shod with the shoes of Your peace and each of us not forget the hard lessons we have learnt through these times.”

“Give us the courage to be a part of shaping a new and better country, one that will be of Your will and to Your glory among the nations of Africa. We don’t know what tomorrow brings Lord, but we leave it in Your hands as we go to sleep, and once again thank you. We humbly pray this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ Amen”

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